Research assistant Anna joins NICHE

Geplaatst: 25. March 2016

Starting March 15th, research assistant Anna Ver Loren van Themaat has joined the EU-AIMS team! Together with Tabitha she will assist Sara in the acquisition of the longitudinal measurements for what is currently our largest (inter)national multi-center collaboration (

Welcome Anna!

Jobs / internships


We do not have any job openings at this moment.


Currently we have multiple internship positions (6+ months) available for Dutch speaking master-students on MRI- and EEG-projects, preferably starting as soon as possible. Applications and general questions regarding internships can be directed to Bob Oranje (B.Oranje-2 at

Students interested in an internship shorter than 6 months can contact Jeanette Sopacua (J. Sopacua at

Bachelor-/Master Thesis

If you are interested completing your bachelor-/master thesis at NICHE, please directly contact the researcher involved in the project you are interested in. For general inquiries regarding bachelor-/master theses, please contact Bob Oranje.